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Essential Deals Are Now Available for the Perfect Online Gaming

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A high ‘ping’, ‘lag’ or a ‘Steam-downloadable’ now can only be downloaded slowly. These are three examples of annoyances among gamers who have one thing in common: they are caused by a slow connection.Not for nothing the biggest internet annoyance for the Dutch. Reggefiber and gaming community JoinTheForce provide tips for avoiding these game frustrations.

  1. Avoid wifi

With Wi-Fi at home you can go online whenever and wherever you want. Wireless connections are often slightly slower and more susceptible to interference than the direct cable connection between the router and computer. So if you have the possibility, make sure you are directly connected to the internet. For the greater options in game playing you will be having the options for Run 3 unblocked now.

  1. Provide bandwidth

It is an open door, but at the same time still one of the main reasons that your multiplayer game loads slower than your opponent’s: not enough bandwidth. For example, race games require a lot of bandwidth, especially if you use the same connection with more than one person. In addition, the network devices in the home network can also be the culprit. Via www.pingtest.net you can check how your internet connection is located.

  1. Create your own server

Are you handy with ICT applications and do you have a fiber-optic connection? Then install your own server. This way your ping is the lowest. The further the server is removed from the device you are playing on – for example, abroad because of your provider – the higher your ping will be as it takes longer to transport the data packets. Do you rely less on your own ICT skills? Then look for a public server in your area.

  1. Check the router

In many cases the router is the bottleneck because, for example, it has failed or the settings are no longer up-to-date. It can therefore be useful to check the time settings. Another technical trick is to adjust the Quality of Service in the settings of the router. With the increasing speed of the connections, an old router can throw a spanner in the works. Buying a new copy with a better processing speed can help. Or simply a hard reset can do wonders.

  1. Hardware upgrades and software updates

No matter how good your connection is, if the software or hardware of your computer can not keep up, your effort is still in vain. Does your computer crash when you want to open large files? Then try to see if the installation of a solid state drive (SSD) yields better results or provide your computer with extra memory, a new processor or video card. Perform regular updates for your virus scanner, graphics and network drivers so that they are up-to-date. Especially if you want to play the latest games, an upgrade is often not a luxury.

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